Three Cheers for Holocaust Denial

Most U.S. citizens are batshit crazy, and there’s no better proof than The HolocaustTM. Let me explain . . .

Imagine asking 1,000 Americans to make a list of the ten socio-political issues they consider most important. What issues would you list?

Most people would probably put climate change near the top of their list, and who isn’t worried about the U.S. economy collapsing? Many are worried about losing Social Security. People around the world are worried about the U.S. starting World War III. Automation, artificial intelligence, the growing gulf between the rich and poor, genetically modified food, extinction . . .

I’ve listed nine issues, and most people could probably list half a dozen more if they really thought about it. One of my pet issues is public education, which is being wrecked—largely by the Jews. When I became a teacher turned whistle-blower turned political activist, I expected thousands of Seattle teachers and parents to rally behind me. I was horrified to learn that no one in liberal Seattle gives a damn about their own children.

If you talk to Seattleites about some of the other issues cited above, you’ll find no shortage of people with opinions. However, don’t expect any fireworks. The cluelessness, apathy, and defeatism are overwhelming, and I don’t think Seattle is alone.

Now, try something different: walk up to people and tell them you don’t believe in the Holocaust fairy tale. Reactions will vary, but a good percentage—I’d wager somewhere between 10% and 50%—of the people you talk to will instantly transform into lightning rods. You can almost feel the adrenaline surging through their veins as they glare at you in rage, trying to refrain from punching you in the face.

Many will call you racist, or “antisemitic.” They may label you a “Nazi” and “Holocaust denier.” One moronic ex-marine at work told someone I’m a pile of shit on top of a pile of shit. The irony is that he spent time in Afghanistan shooting at Muslims. No racism there.

Exactly how something that happened more than three quarters of a century ago on the other side of the world is relevant is hard to fathom. Yet the Jews’ Holocaust is apparently more important than climate change and the economy combined.

You might try probing the ignorant masses’ minds by questioning other holocaust accounts. Was the slaughter of countless millions of Native Americans an example of genocide? (No, according to many, if not most, Jews.) How many people really died in Cambodia’s killing fields? Do Palestinians have a right to defend themselves against Israel’s well-oiled genocide campaign? Why should anyone care about the Holodomor?

None of these genocides are likely to inspire more than a shrug of the shoulders, except for the Palestinian genocide, which many Jew-lovers frantically deny qualifies as genocide.

Whatever happened to the Jews in Germany during World War II qualifies as a historic event, but the Jews have transformed it into religious dogma. Historians can question past wars, migrations, and other events, but questioning the Holocaust is actually illegal in some countries. People whose minds have been poisoned with the Gospel of the Holocaust aren’t capable of rational thought. They’re racist fruit cakes who believe the Jews’ bullshit about being God’s chosen people.

In that spirit, being called a “Holocaust denier” is actually a compliment. I thank God I’m not among the brain-dead idiots who believe the Jews’ self-serving propaganda.

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