How do you deprogram people who have been brainwashed since childhood? Before they were even in middle school, they saw film clips of massive piles of emaciated bodies lying on the ground, and they simply believed what they were told: those were the bodies of Jews who had been killed in gas chambers, for no logical reason to boot. Influenced by fictional movies like Sophie’s Choice and Raiders of the Lost Ark, they believe the “Nazis” possessed an almost supernatural evil. I’ve talked to Seattle liberals who believe the preposterous claim that Adolf Hitler was addicted to crystal meth!

Sadly, most people who have been subjected to a lifetime of propaganda and political and religious ritual are a lost cause. Their minds have been effectively destroyed. Is this project, therefore, nothing more than an example of preaching to the choir?

No. I was once a member of the brainwashed masses, but I was able to lift myself out of the gutter. I may have had some advantages over many of my brainwashed peers, but I don’t think I’m the only person on the planet who is capable of recognizing the fact that I’ve been brainwashed and taking efforts to rectify the situation.

On the other hand, I have to admit that my emancipation didn’t come without a cost. I experienced my share of what psychologists call cognitive dissonance. How was it possible to manufacture a lie as big as the Holocaust? Was I becoming a racist? How could I say anything positive about the supremely evil Adolf Hitler without ruining my reputation?

Cutting to the chase, how do I sell my message to people who haven’t yet seen the light? What is the best way to get people’s attention, then make them think outside the box, allowing facts and logic to trump their personal “belief systems”?

If you’re a political novice who really wants to know and understand the truth, I would steer you to my Introduction to Politix series (which will hopefully be published before the end of 2023). It will tentatively include two books focusing on political psychology and philosophy, with an emphasis on mind control. It may sound a little intimidating, but you really can’t understand politics without understanding how your mind works along with the strategies propagandists use to attack it. The series will also include books about conspiracy (Conspiracy Science), Jews (Jews 101), and World War II (World War True). You can learn more about my series at

If you don’t believe in conspiracy and you believe the Jews are God’s chosen people, then you might as well stop reading right now. You’re never going to understand the truth about the Holohoax (or just about anything else, for that matter).

My book (tentatively titled Holohoax: The Amazing Truth About “The Holocaust”) will be pretty straightforward. It will tentatively be organized into five sections:

  1. Doubt
  2. Big Picture
  3. Details
  4. Post-Holocaust
  5. Importance

Below is a brief overview.

Doubt ˆ

How can you be sure the mainstream Holocaust narrative is true if you’ve never studied history or political science and probably never even heard the term “Jewarchy”? Have you ever heard the maxim “History is written by the victor”?

Everyone knows the U.S. government and media lied about the invasion of Iraq. (Remember those missing weapons of mass destruction?) They lied about Syria and Libya, too. Who could forget the outrageous lies associated with the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the coronavirus pandemic?

In fact, America’s older wars are also lied about. No, the Civil War wasn’t just about slavery, and did you know that Abraham Lincoln was a racist (and possibly a gay Jew), while George Washington was a slave owner? The picture of their country most Americans carry in their heads is grossly inaccurate. So, how can you be sure the Jews are telling us the truth about their Holocaust?

While we’re at it, let’s take a look at some other “red flags” that should make us question the mainstream narrative. A patient researcher could probably compile a list of thousands—maybe even six million—but I’ve listed just ten of my favorites below.

  1. The Germans allegedly killed Jews with a chemical agent called Zyklon. In fact, it was a commercial insecticide commonly used for delousing and sanitation, even by the U.S. government.
  2. If the Nazis were really unhinged killing machines, why didn’t they exterminate the Jews who remained captive before the camps were liberated by the Allies? At the very least, you would think a few dozen twisted Nazis would have grabbed machine guns or hand grenades and killed a dozen Jews or more. So, how many stories about last-minute killing have been recorded?
  3. There’s no question that Hitler hated (most) Jews, and for good reason. But if he was focused on genocide, why did he let so many Jews emigrate to Palestine, even allowing them to take their assets with them?
  4. Elie Wiesel and Simon Wiesenthal are probably the most famous Holocaust survivors. However, both have been called liars; the Jews themselves label Wiesenthal a liar.
  5. Abe Foxman is an example of the “Holocaust survivors” who never spent one day in a labor/concentration camp.
  6. The movie Sophie’s Choice is a heart-breaking portrayal of Nazi brutality. However, did you know that it’s fiction?
  7. Why do the Jews insist that their Holocaust was an example of genocide, but the ongoing slaughter of Native Americans is not genocide?
  8. Speaking genocide, did you know the term was coined by a Jew, and there’s no official definition to this day? The Jews have made up even more confusing terms, like “Holocaust denial” and “double genocide.”
  9. Paul Rassinier was one of France’s most famous authors as well as a renowned political activist. He spent time in a German concentration camp and later testified that he saw no evidence of Jews being killed in gas chambers. Though Rassinier had saved many Jews from the Nazis, the ungrateful Jews labeled him the father of “Holocaust denial.”
  10. The famous photo below was reportedly taken five days after the liberation of Buchenwald labor camp. So why are the prisoners still naked and lying in their crowded bunks five days later? And how can you be sure the people in the photo are Jews . . . or that the photo was even taken in Germany?
Buchenwald Liberation?

Big Picture ˆ

Get ready for a quick lesson in geography and history as we reconstruct the environment in which the Holowhatever occurred.

In the early 20th century, Germany was virtually surrounded by powerful enemies, notably France, the United Kingdom, and the Soviet Union. Across the sea was the U.S., which helped the French and British defeat Germany during WWI. Another interesting thing: all of these countries were largely controlled by Jews. In fact, the Jews had a lot of power in Germany, too, and they were widely regarded as parasites, similar to Jews in the U.S. today.

The Jews were clearly building a global empire, and the only thing standing in their way was Adolf Hitler. Not surprisingly, the global “Jewish lobby” began waging war against Germany long before WWII, even before WWI. Today, we hear endless whining about the suffering of the poor oppressed Jews, but few people realize the extent to which the German people suffered before and after WWII.

Details ˆ

Now what I’ve planted a few doubts in your mind and given you a better understanding of the big picture, we can pull out our magnifying glasses and take a closer look at various pieces of the puzzle. We’ll learn a little about the origin of European Jews, Zionism, competing economic systems (namely capitalism, Marxism, and national socialism), and the granddaddy of conspiracy theories, the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”

In the process, we’ll take a closer look at some of those red flags we perused earlier.

Post-Holocaust ˆ

There’s no question that the Jews, or at least some of them, suffered during WWII. DUH, tens of millions of people across Eurasia suffered. Perhaps no countries were more devastated than Germany, Poland, the Soviet Union, China, and Japan.

Ironically, no group of people continues whining louder about their suffering than the Jews, the one group of victims that actually profited from WWII. They got their own country, unquestioning Holocaust welfare, economic and military aid from the U.S. and various European countries, and enough sympathy to drown a Stephen Spielberg movie.

The enormous value of the “Holocaust industry,” combined with the Jews’ ruthlessness in squelching criticism, speaks volumes. If the mainstream Holocaust narrative is true, then treat it with a little dignity and allow people to question it. As they say, truth is its own best defense. Instead, the Jews treat the Holocaust like their own personal religious gospel, even as they call critics childish names and threaten them with everything from defamation to prison.

Importance ˆ

Why should anyone care about the Holohoax? If the Jews are lying . . . well, what’s new about that? An army of Jewish media whores unleashes an endless tidal wave of lies. If they’re telling the truth, why should anyone care when the Jews themselves have proved themselves to be the biggest terrorists on the planet?

What about the Palestinian genocide? Despite being cited for countless war crimes, the Jews deny any and all guilt, claiming the Palestinians are the trouble-makers.

What about the American Holocaust, which began more than 500 years ago and still hasn’t ended? “What about it?” counter the Jews. They insist white soldiers and settlers never committed genocide in the New World, even though entire tribes were wiped out. Besides, the Indians weren’t doing anything with the land, anyway, right? (That position was most famously promoted by the Jewish pseudo-philosopher Ayn Rand.)

In summary, Jewish propagandists have scrambled people’s brains to such an extent many people don’t know up from down. How can we fix today’s problems if we don’t even understand their origins? At the same time, liberals are pitted against conservatives, white people against black people, and America versus Muslims when the real enemy is the Jews.

If you want to get your head screwed on straight, if you think it’s time for non-Jewish victims of oppression to make their voices heard, or if you just want to tell those lying, two-faced Jews to take their Holohoax and shove it, this book is for you.