Why should we believe the Jews’ Holocaust narrative? It was written by the same Jews who are the most renowned propagandists and liars in the world, the same Jews who are collecting Holocaust welfare to this day!


Just for argument’s sake, suppose the millions of people who are skeptical of the Jews’ Holocaust are all wrong. Half of them are simply misguided, and the other half are bald-faced liars. Why does it matter? How many U.S. politicians can you name who are not bald-faced liars? There are thousands of media whores and propagandists who are paid to lie! Do you think Jewish propagandists like Ben Shapiro and Noam Chomsky are trustworthy? What about non-Jewish propagandists, like Charlie Rose, who was fired over allegations of sexual harassment? Rose associated with the Jewish pedophile Jeffrey Epstein even after Epstein had been convicted of sex crimes.

Why are dishonest assholes like Charlie Rose, Jon Stewart, Ben Shapiro, and a thousand other media whores treated with respect while people who ask innocent questions about the Holocaust are labeled racists (“anti-Semites”) and kooks (“Holocaust deniers”)? What the hell is an “anti-Semite,” anyway? And doesn’t the term “Holocaust denier” sound childish? Are the Jews a bunch of four-year-olds?

In the political arena, people disagree about thousands of things every day, and we don’t call them Republican deniers, freedom deniers, or Capitalism deniers. We don’t call people who are anti-war racists—unless, of course, they criticize Israel’s U.S.-subsidized wars.

Spend some time pondering the questions below.

  1. Do you know George Washington owned slaves? If so, did you learn that in school, or did you discover it later, as an adult?
  2. Do you believe the U.S. government’s explanation of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, or do you believe the millions of people who claim it was an inside job (i.e. a false flag attack)?
  3. Are you aware that some historians believe Christopher Columbus was a Jew?
  4. Are you aware there’s evidence that Abraham Lincoln was a gay Jew?
  5. World War II ruined tens of millions of people’s lives.
    Do you know which groups of people are collecting reparations other than the Jews?
  6. Why is it illegal to even investigate or ask questions about the Holocaust in some countries? How is that compatible with free speech?
  7. Do you know the story behind the creation of the Federal Reserve on Jekyll Island, Georgia?
  8. Are you aware of the preposterous lies the Jews have made up about Adolf Hitler?
  9. Why are the German people matter-of-factly accused of starting both world wars, when many historians maintain they started neither? Can you explain exactly how they started with war? (If you cite Hitler’s invasion of Poland, you’re wrong. Germany and Poland are not on opposite sides of the world; they border each other.)
  10. Are you aware that Woodrow Wilson campaigned for the presidency on an anti-war platform, after which a small circle of Jewish advisors persuaded him to drag the U.S. into World War I, after which he was given the Nobel Peace Prize?
  11. Do you think the government and media told us the whole truth about the coronavirus pandemic?
  12. Do you think it was wise to hold up corrupt entities like Facebook, Google, and Bill Gates as truthmongers during the pandemic?
  13. Are you aware that the most famous “Holocaust survivors”—Elie Wiesel and Simon Wiesenthal—are widely regarded as liars, even by fellow Jews?
  14. Why are people who suspect the COVID virus was created in a lab at Fort Detrick labeled conspiracy kooks, but it’s perfectly OK for politicians and media whores to claim it was created in a lab in China?
  15. Have you even seen Fort Detrick mentioned in the media in connection with the pandemic? It’s hard to comprehend how the media could miss such an amazing story.
  16. Even people who believe in the Holohoax admit that the chemical Zyklon—a commercial insecticide—was initially used for sanitation and pest control. Wouldn’t it be convenient to maintain that the Germans started using it to kill people in gas chambers, even without proof?
  17. Have you heard the tall tale invented by the Jews which alleges that the Germans made lamp shades out of the skin of dead Jews?
  18. Do you believe in conspiracy? If so, how common do you think conspiracies are? Is Watergate the only conspiracy you can think of?
  19. Did you know that Sophie’s Choice is fiction?
  20. Did you know that the Nuremberg trials are widely regarded as a witch-hunt?

Let’s face it, we live in a big, complex world to begin with, and the very people we trust have lied about so many things it boggles the mind. Virtually all U.S. citizen are brainwashed to some degree, as are people in man other countries, particularly countries where Jews control the media.

The Jews had a reputation for lying long before World War II. They had a motive for lying about the war (which many people insist they started), and their was an enormous payoff. A mob of European trailer park trash was suddenly given their own country in the Middle East, and millions of Jews were given Holocaust welfare, while far greater numbers of people who suffered more than the Jews never received one penny.

After he was empowered by the citizens who revered him, Adolf Hitler began taking power away from the Jews, and for good reason. If only the same thing happened in America! Despairing of find a solution to Europe’s Jewish problem, Hitler finally began rounding them up and transporting them to labor camps. The Germans surely committed some atrocities along the way, just as the British and French were torturing people in their colonies long before WWII.

However, there is no proof that the Germans killed a single Jew in a gas chamber. Frankly, I wish they had slaughtered every Jew in Europe while they had the chance. But they didn’t. Hitler actually let some Jews emigrate to Palestine, even allowing them to take their assets with them. At the end of the war, the labor camps were still filled with hordes of disgusting Jews. If the “Nazis” were as evil as we’re told, why didn’t they annihilate them with machine guns, explosives, and fire? If just .01 percent of the National Socialists had acted out their reputed evil and racism, there would have been no Jews to liberate. So, how many last-minute mass executions have you heard of?

The Jews’ Holocaust is a lie. Sadly, almost unbelievably, there are far bigger holocausts that many Americans have never even heard of. Think I’m exaggerating? How many atrocities that might qualify as genocide can you name, not just in modern times but in recorded history?