What a strange world Jews live in. Countless millions of Native Americans have been slaughtered since Christopher Columbus—a wayward Jew—launched what may be the greatest genocide ever. But the Jews insist Native Americans have never been victims of genocide. The Cambodian killing fields may or may not qualify as genocide, but who really cares? The Holodomor? What’s that?

It seems there are just two authentic recorded genocides—one purportedly being orchestrated by China’s evil government and another one masterminded by the most evil and deranged person who ever lived, Adolf Hitler. Oh, yes—the slaughter of Palestinians over a period of three quarters of a century, including the brazen destruction of Gaza—doesn’t qualify as genocide.

Left: Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, China, which the Jews claim is being ravaged by genocide. Right: Gaza, which the Jews claim doesn’t even qualify as a war crime. Do you really believe these lying assholes are telling the truth about their Holocaust, which they brought on themselves?
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